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Be A Storm

Be A Storm
Once upon a time, (OK the mid-90s) the movie Twister was released. I was 9 years old and the moment I watched, I CONFIDENT I was going to be a Storm Chaser when I was old enough to drive. With it’s wide open spaces Laramie, Wyoming was the perfect setting for clear view of the skies. I rounded up some friends, our mini memo pads, pencils and headed out to recess ready for BUSINESS. On the roof of the building were the mini wind measurement instruments that we would watch like hawks, noting every single movement, pairing it with the classification of clouds in the sky with the hopes for a glimpse of a cumulonimbus cluster. To be fair, we weren’t correct often but I remember the moment I got one RIGHT, when the rain started pouring while we were sitting at our desks. I was so charged and determined that THIS is what I was going to do forever. Or, in my case, until middle school. haha.
That same day, after school I basically floated the 2.5 blocks to my Grandmother’s house talking a mile a minute (big surprise) about how I accurately predicted the weather with my little note pad and so proudly exclaimed that I was going to be a storm chaser. I was not as amused when she pointed “You are a little tornado wherever you go!”. I mean she wasn’t wrong but you couldn’t tell 9 year old me nothing!
While my dreams of chasing after twisters became satiated just replaying the movie dozens of times, I still carry a little bit of tornado with me wherever I go. I was many times “the new girl” and I quickly found that when entering a room, sashaying in with an electric charge tends to attract other positive vibes. Swirling around desk to desk talking with all the “new to me” girls often ended up getting me in trouble, notes home to my mom but I have no regrets. My love of learning about interesting people… or in some cases searching deep for interesting parts of people… started early and still part of me today. My whirlwind soul has had some stronger gusts than others through the decades but it always keeps spinning. I’ve learned more how to focus and center my chaos, redirect the aim of my trajectory. In so many ways I more identify with this evolving way of living versus the ‘standard’ (make a plan, work too hard, and accomplish goal lifestyle). In true Gemini fashion… I don’t often know what I want so I can go along with anything and make it into something amazing but boy, look out when I DO know what I want because I’m unstoppable!
I can’t wait to share our “Refocus Debut” with you all soon because this is the truest (though unconventional), most centered reflection of me that I can possibly offer to yall. I appreciate the opportunity that yall provide to allow me the ability to do so. I love what I do, I’m proud of my accomplishments so far but I know the best even still yet to come! This “TWISTER” is about to bring a super charged energy into your life… keeping all favorite things you’ve grown to love from us and showing you all the things you didn’t know yet that you love! Get ready for INDULGENCE WITH INTENTION!
“I gotta go Julia, we got cows.”
xo, Chauntel
Photo: Tropical Storm Henri as seen from satellite imagery on Sunday. Credit: CIRA/RAMMB via Axios

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