Indulge with Intention™


  • To contribute significantly to sustainable fashion and create remarkable & personalized shopping experiences
  • To create, use and offer quality lifestyle products and services that inspires the TKDS Tribe and all communities to move towards eco-sustainability
  • To beautify everyday life while contributing significantly to an more eco-friendly environment 
  • Provide a one stop for peace of mind shopping through responsibly sourced materials and eco-conscious production

Value Statement

Top Knot is a brand established in the mindset of ’indulgence with intention while cultivating and embracing a Modhemian™ Lifestyle. We provide a safe space, giving peace of mind shopping you know you can feel as good about as it’ll feel in your life. We encourage self-care and enjoy the little things of life, doing so leaving as little of a negative footprint on our planet as possible.  Indulgence with Intention. We strive to create memorable shopping experiences in a lifestyle for wholesome, everyday people who are looking to “Thrive and Vibe” with us all while helping to make our world a better place. We consistently seek to offer both exceptional and memorable service that makes the heart of every customer smile and Mother Earth a better place. Our entire culture, heritage and future is built on the values of Sustainability, Integrity, Creativity (with a splash of Wonder), Community, Loyalty, Inclusivity and Excellence. These core values are the foundation on which we operate and contribute to our Top Knot Tribe Members’ peace of mind in their everyday life.


We are eco-conscious and strive to offer product and services that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs


We are committed to being mindful of integrity, trust and radical transparency in every stop of our process

Creativity (with a splash of Marvel)

We wake every day with the intention of only sharing great vibes and creativity. Normal is overrated and we are consistently redefining modern-bohemian (Modhemian™) lifestyle stereotypes and challenging our TK Tribe to do the same while maintaining variations of eco possibilities.


Our customers are considered a part of our TK Tribe. Every member is recognized as their own individual and will experience a one-of-a-kind TKDS Tribe treatment. As a whole, we are full of support whether you need a lift up or vent on the hill down. We are continually innovating, collaborating and building communities with like minds to meet the dynamic needs of our TK Tribe.


Cultivating respectable relationships is crucial as we are loyal and we pledge faithful adherence to our brand promise with an utmost commitment to earning and retaining our TK Tribe’s trust. We go above and beyond to show our deep appreciation to loyal customers who consistently grant us the privilege to serve them & be a part of their lives.


We strongly embrace inclusivity because we believe that all shapes, sizes and interests of humans are critical to the achievement of our goals. We treat every person and our planet with respect and due recognition of their contribution.


We are mindful about responsible intentions, quality through experiences and are consistently evolving to offer our best while giving plenty of room for evolution.