Welcome to Top Knot Modhemian™

I'm Chauntel Papallo, the fearless leader of this unconventional online boutique. At Top Knot Modhemian™ Lifestyle Shop, we're all about embracing your inner rebel, rocking eccentric style, and spreading fashion fabulousness. Based in Connecticut (with a future move to Tennessee in the works!), our family-run Mom & Pop shop (plus our boys) is here to inject some sass and charm into your wardrobe. We're not afraid to take risks, push boundaries, and celebrate individuality. With my husband by my side, we bring our crazy ideas to life. Our boys add a burst of youthful energy, keeping things fun and fresh. Together, we create a fashion empire that's as fierce as it is fabulous. When we're not making fashion magic, you'll find us exploring the great outdoors, hitting up museums, and indulging in ice cream. We're a family that embraces adventure and loves to create unforgettable memories. So, join us on this Modhemian journey. Unleash your inner rebel, break free from the ordinary, and embrace your unique style. Get ready to rock the world with fashion that's as bold and fearless as you are. Together, we'll sprinkle some enchantment into your life and make a statement that's undeniably YOU.