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5 Essential Modhemian Wardrobe Staples

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Hey babes! Let’s dive into every Modhemian’s must-have wardrobe staples that will have you glowing with effortless style. We aren’t here to turn heads or leave a trail of broken hearts … we’re here for you to embrace monumental confidence. These staples are the five best secret weapons that will elevate your wardrobe, investing and indulging in pieces that will dismiss both the stress of “what to wear” and comfort knowledge they’ve already been carefully curated for you.

Achieving that enviable Modhemian style doesn't require a secret potion or a magic spell (although we wouldn't mind that either). It's all about those killer wardrobe essentials that scream "I'm a fierce goddess, and I know it!"

So, grab your favorite cup of brew (we won't judge if it's a double-shot espresso or a steaming cup of herbal goodness) and get ready for a fashion feast that will leave you hungry for more. Ready, bestie? Good, let’s go.

Get ready to slay, darling!

    The Flowy Maxi Dress:

    It seems pretty obvious that a Mohemian fav is a flowy maxi dress. Maxi Dresses are a year-round staple with their flow perfect for layer, length great for cooler weather and typical breezy sleeves to cool off. Though maximalist, traditional print are our personal go-to, we LIVE for the versatility of a solid! Girl there is NOTHING more versatile than a freaking maxi dress! Pair a print dress with a contrasting kimono duster or a solid color cardigan for easy look transitions. Bring life to solid colored maxi dresses topping it with a fav cropped graphic tee, distressed jean jacket to bring the casual vibes or a vintage-thrifted sparkling blazer for a summer night out. Maxi Dresses are perfect for heels, even boots but as the warmer weather has been kissing our freckles, we are pairing them with vegan leather sandals.
    Jump from your apparel layers to statement jewelry or accessories. We are loving braided tassel belts and chunky necklaces matching the varying neckline options.
    Let’s be real babe, we love a late start to a morning and draping our beautiful bodies with an easy pick…the maxi dress, in all her glory.

    Modhem Kimonos:

    Modhem Kimonos are OF COURSE a wardrobe staple because they add a layer of beauty + versatility to any outfit. An oversize, flowy piece atop any base outfit has long been an essential for Modhemain collections. The Modhem Kimonos have also been referenced as a “flowy duster” or “boho cardigan” and frequently display gorgeous prints with a coordinating collection of colors. Adding the variation of length in your outfit is the perfect way to individualize the pieces you’re already wearing.  A floor length maxi kimono over a tank and pair of distressed shorts will surely have you taking on the summer with so much shine in your soul. Pair a waist length kimono wrap over your fav maxi dress for interesting layers for whatever you have planned for the day (or night, you know, no rules here haha).

    Wide-Brimmed Hats:

    Whether you’re out on the water, walking in your garden or hitting up your local vineyard with your tribe, a Wide-Brimmed Hat is absolutely essential! We are always about multi-purpose pieces so not only do hats bring all the Modhem charm, we are happy to point out the obvious, defending our beauty from the UV rays!  When we look as good as we feel, we feel as good as we look so protecting our skin is of utmost importance. (I mean, babe, still don’t forget your sunscreen though)!
    The great part of Modhemian hats are the variety of styles and materials available; from hand woven straw for the summer or brushed felt in the cooler months. Pair beautiful caramels with your warm tones like oranges + yellows, pair the saturated black with your cool tones like purples and greens. The phrase is “Tip to Toe” so don’t start at your neck, scoop up a hat to TOP off your ensemble.

    A Flowy Maxi Skirt:

    Alright, so occasionally you want to spend more time and effort planning your OOTD (no judgment, we’re envying your tenacity) and so adoring a one piece dress or pairing with layers of cover ups is just not going it cut it.  Maybe you scored the most beautiful top or want to break out your fav well-worn graphic tee (you’re welcome) but ya can’t walk out in your panties, what are you going to wear over your legs?!  A Maxi Skirt, of course! 
    Maxi Skirts are another Modhemian wardrobe staple for their ability to dress up or dress down. Each flowy skirt can transition no matter where you’re heading (even if it’s just out to your porch with a glass of wine). Typically adorned with prints, it’s easy to match up no matter the color top you’re working with. The maxi  is the perfect addition to fitted or flowy tops or front tied tees. Yep, you can also layer with another Modhem Kimono and a wide brimmed hat.

    Statement Jewelry:

    So how do we TOP all these essential pieces in your wardrobe you ask? Statement jewelry is an important step in wrapping up the process of elevation for your OOTD. The most versatile step in dressing, it’s easy to get lost in the fun. You can bump up some more simplistic earrings with chunky necklaces as easily as you can coordinate stacked bracelets with bold rings. 
    As you well know at this point, there are NO RULES… mix metals, swap tones and sizes to embrace your unique personal style.

    Congrats bestie, you now hold the secret power on how to reflect the beauty in your soul with plenty of pairing options to jump to your Modhemian Essential pieces. Which is your favorite? Which colors bring your comfort or encourage your inner social butterfly? Stop by our FB group to carry on the conversation… or get the tip on the modminat!

    Remember, fashion is a journey of self-expression, and these staples are merely the canvas on which you unleash your unique flair. Whether you're twirling in a flowy maxi dress, channeling boho-chic vibes with a kimono, or shading yourself from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat, it's all about owning your style and radiating confidence.

    And let's not forget the mesmerizing power of a flowy maxi skirt! With its graceful movement and versatility, it's a true showstopper that adds a touch of Modhemian magic to any outfit. Pair it with a fitted top, throw on some statement jewelry, and you've got yourself a killer ensemble that screams "fashion goddess" from every angle.

    Now, it's time to unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild. Mix and match these wardrobe staples, experiment with different textures, patterns, and colors, and create outfits that speak to your soul.

    So, my fierce Modhem beauties, my loyal TK Tribe, go forth and conquer the fashion scene with your unparalleled style and infectious confidence. Be a trendsetter, a fashion muse, and inspire others to embrace their own Modhemian journeys. And don't forget to check out our shop or website for even more fashion-forward pieces that will elevate your Modhemian wardrobe to new heights.

    Thank you for joining us on this fashion adventure. Sparkle, stay true to you + keep rocking your Modhemian magic!

    TK Modhemian Maven
    TK Team + TK Tribe


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