Wool Dryer Balls {TK Apothecary}

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Warm TravelsWarm Travels
Ukrainian SunflowerUkrainian Sunflower
Frankinsense & RainFrankinsense & Rain
Orange FernOrange Fern
Lux LavenderLux Lavender
Apple CobblerApple Cobbler
Surprise Me!Surprise Me!
Aloe & BambooAloe & Bamboo
Lilac & LavenderLilac & Lavender
Summer SunSummer Sun
Candy CaneCandy Cane
Winter SpiceWinter Spice
Glistening PineGlistening Pine

ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC: 100% Premium New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls with NO FILLERS! Chemical free alternative to using dryer sheets.
ECO-FRIENDLY: Our Wool Dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic dryer balls.
REDUCES WRINKLES AND LINT: The wool balls' natural anti-static quality will help reduce your need to iron your clothes.
REUSABLE UP TO FOUR YEARS: Our dryer balls will last over a thousand loads, allowing you to save money on dryer sheets and fabric softeners. TK Apothecary wool balls can be used on any load white, colored, and dark clothes, towels, sheets, and more.
SAVE ELECTRICITY: Your dryer usage and footprint will shrink as you see your clothes dry up to 25% faster. Re-usable- Lasts over 1,000 loads, equal to 4 large boxes of dryer sheets.
HANDMADE AND CHEMICAL FREE: Perfect for Sensitive Skin and Babies. Keep your family healthy and safe.

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Whether you are releasing the toxins through your lymphatic system, spending an evening exfoliating or just smoothing out a rough spot from the cold harsh Winter air... THIS scrub is the perfect combination of both sweet moisture, luxury and grit!

Apply and rub in a circular motion, combine with out TK Apothecary Lux Bar Soap Exfoliation Soap Holder for extra comfort and ease. With at least 10 options, you can hydrate with a new scent every day of the week!

Our Oil Base is also used in our Salt Scrubs as well as the Massage Lotion & Oils!
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We believe every member of the TK Tribe deserves to know what they are not just puttign in their bodies but ON their bodies which is why we don't just provide you a list ingredients but you can catch our blog Modhemian™ Musings where we itemize descriptions of each ingredient along with their purpose and functions!

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Unscented, Lavender, Processo, Warm travels, Ukrainian sunflower, Frankinsense & rain, Orange fern, Lux lavender, Apple cobbler, Surprise me!, Aloe & bamboo, Azalea, Lilac & lavender, Summer sun, Gingerbread, Sugar cookie, Candy cane, Winter spice, Glistening pine