Bar Soap (Oat or Salt Scrub // Solid) {TK Apothecary}

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Turmeric Orange + HoneyTurmeric Orange + Honey
Milk + Collagen Facial SoapMilk + Collagen Facial Soap

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Be sure to start your routine in luxury with the TK Apothecary Tip to Toes 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body Wash before your Hand & Body Lotion... Wrap up your routine using the TK Apothecary Massage Lotion for an extra boost of moisture and a quick massaging your stress away, clearing your lymphatic system in the process. Heading to bed or need a little relaxation in your car to ease the road rage? Scoop up our TK Apothecary Room & Pillow spray with our own signature Modhemia™ scent!

We believe every member of the TK Tribe deserves to know what they are not just puttign in their bodies but ON their bodies which is why we don't just provide you a list ingredients but you can catch our blog Modhemian™ Musings where we itemize descriptions of each ingredient along with their purpose and functions!

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Turmeric orange + honey, Milk + collagen facial soap