The Wholesale VIP Boutique Shop is a secret, Members-Only shop!


I ask that you please do not share links with anyone outside of the VIP Group!


We have re-vamped our online Wholesale VIP Boutique Shop! A few things have changed and we have a lot of new members, so this is your updated Guide to Using The Wholesale VIP Boutique Shop!


These designs are mostly my own custom designs and others are collaborations with other designers. Everything from Top Knot Modhemian™ Lifestyle Shop is made with love and starts with my family. TKMLS is truly a family operation. All three of my sons and husband help with a lot of the production. You’ll even see my husband sewing (out of my realm!) or one of my sons helping stamp metal jewelry. I have quite the team of craftsmen at my side! That being said, there truly is a whole Tribe running in the background! Stay tuned for an “About Us” section to meet some of our TOP TRIBEs peeps.

That being said, please respect all the hard work and love we’ve put into each of the designs and DO NOT STEAL them! You may use the watermarked images to share and run in your groups. If you need an image without a watermark, please contact me here.   

Now, for some Top Knot Shop Talk (AKA - Pricing/How it works/Etc.):

Printed Sublimation Transfers:

  • Youth - $2 (1/ sheet)

  • Tea Towel - $3 (2/ sheet)

  • Koozie - $3 (4/ sheet)

  • Mug - $3 (4 / sheet)

  • Car Coasters - $3 (4/ sheet)

  • Adult $3 (8.5x11” sheet, plus available on request)

Heat presses vary, so let me know if you need alternate sizes to make your designs work with your equipment! Let me know here. I’m happy to make accommodations!

Youth Sublimated Tees:

  • We use primarily Bella+Canvas Tees - $12

Adult Sublimation Ts

  • Bella+Canvas Tees - 3001 & 3001CVC are my go-to tees - $12 (but will be substituted when need be -- however I only use quality products!)

Ordering & Order Requirements:

🌺 There are several requirements and minimums to maintain your membership standing with Top Knot Modhemian™ Lifestyle Shop! Please read carefully!

  • All orders are placed through the Top Knot Modhemian™ Lifestyle Shop VIP Wholesale Page.
  • For inquiries about CUSTOM orders, please contact us here. 💌

  • MOQ (minimum order quantity) for finished tees is 5.

  • There is NO MOQ for full price Design Transfers  

  • For Transfer Tuesday, MOQ 10 Transfers, please

  • To maintain an ACTIVE status in the group (and the ability to order at Wholesale prices and take advantage of any Wholesale Exclusives), you must place at least ONE order per MONTH.

  • You must be an ACTIVE VIP Member to order through the Wholesale VIP Boutique Shop. If you have been inactive and need assistance, please contact us here.

  • Weekly orders are due every Sunday by 6 PM EST.

  • Each week there will be Wholesale items that will CHANGE and will not be offered the following week. Check out our Weekly Wholesale items on the website or Facebook Page!


    • Shipping will be based on weight & will be my actual cost. There are no extra “handling” fees! 🙂

    • Drop Shipping is also offered at no additional charge, please check out each order separately when doing so. They will be shipped blind (NONE of my business info will be on the packaging and if you wish I can add yours) NOTE that onto your order at checkout!

    • FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $60!

    • If you select any free ship when the order doesn’t qualify or if you select “Buy Online, Local Pick Up” and you are not local… you will delay your order and will be sent a separate invoice for shipping that will include the 50¢ transaction fee.

    • If you have more than one order in the week that isn’t shipping yet you can select Free Shipping and please NOTE in the checkout

    • Please check out preorders and made or order items separately to avoid delay (example, a designed tee and a kimono will default to ship all together when the kimono preorder comes in)

    • FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $60!

    Stay in “The KNOT”/THE KNOW:


    • PLEASE comment and help boost posts! You can do this with just your favorite emoji!
    • When you see an EVENT, click GOING so that you see the items for the week and get an automatic FB update for free before the end of the sale/week
    • I update A LOT! Any new items you see on the Facebook Group will be available at the Top Knot Modhemian™ Lifestyle Shop VIP Boutique Shop. Place all of your orders through this site!
    • I try to keep a pulse on what everyone in the group is interested in, so look out for polls and calls for requests! And, of course, if there is something you want to see, please let me know here or post it to the Facebook Page! Keep an eye out for WISHLIST WEDNESDAYS!!

    • Please share with us photos or video of your TKMLS finds out there in the wild! It would make us so happy to see them in their new homes! There are often little bonuses for those who share!


      • This is a great place to keep track of our NEW DESIGNS & BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE!

      • If you FOLLOW US, we will FOLLOW YOU!

      • And for you to TAG #TKMLS with your items;...including items you made with your transfers or your customer shared photos

      • Sign up for our NEWSLETTER!

      • We will send out a Newsletter updating you on NEW DESIGNS, upcoming SALES EVENTS, CONTESTS, GIVEAWAYS, and ways to SAVE.

      Speaking of WAYS TO SAVE, here are some more:

      • Head over to our site again, and sign up for our Rewards Program! Just signing up will start you on your way to earning Top Knot Koins. With your accumulated Top Knot Koins, you will earn CASH discounts on the site!

      How do you keep earning Top Knot Koins?

      • SHOP - Every $1 spent, earns 5 Top Knot Koins!

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      ♥ We are so happy that you've joined our Top Knot Wholesale VIP Family! ♥

      💌 If you ever have any questions about anything at all, please don't hesitate to send us a message! 💌