Wooden Dough Bowl Soy Candle

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Salted Caramel ButterscotchSalted Caramel Butterscotch
Winter SpiceWinter Spice
Candy CaneCandy Cane
Apple SpiceApple Spice
Pecan WafflesPecan Waffles
Hot CocoaHot Cocoa
Aloe & BambooAloe & Bamboo
Fresh LinenFresh Linen
Lux Lavender (Calming Prosecco)Lux Lavender (Calming Prosecco)
Ocean BreezeOcean Breeze
Cafe MochaCafe Mocha
Autumn HarvestAutumn Harvest
Iced MacchiatoIced Macchiato

Dough Bowl Soy Candles

Dimensions - Roughly 9½" x 6" - ***These dimensions are very rough.   Our wooden dough bowls are hand carved in Mexico. Because they are made by hand, the size, shape, and texture may vary slightly... which we LOVE. 
The "candle" is made IN STUDIO by TKMLS in small batch with US Soy Only.

Rustic wooden dough bowl candles are finally here!  Our hand carved bowl holds about 10 oz. of wax but thats not all! These wooden dough bowls aren't just gorgeous with your candle...  It also makes a great decoration piece for tables, mantels, and kitchen islands. Simply wash the bowl with liquid soap and your bowl can be used as a catch-all tray, planter, potpourri or fruit bowl, ect. 
BONUS and ECO-FRIENDLY, once your candle is done... you can return your bowl to us and we will create a new candle in the SAME BOWL! Save some money and get to vary your scents with this amazing option!! 

These little decorative bowls add delightful details to any ensemble, especially those with minimal space and in need of additional layers of color or texture.  Features a distressed, solid finish that is perfect in any rustic-inspired aesthetic.   It is both durable and stylish. Please understand these are wooden bowls made to look rustic from raw wood. Some may have knot holes, scratches, knife marks, saw blade marks, sap or minor cracks and blemishes. These are not defects. These are a natural part of the bowl that have been made from raw wood. Size, color and shape will vary. We do try to minimize these for each bowl. However, we cannot guarantee your bowl will not have any of these character marks. Each bowl is unique and different in size.  


Say goodbye to your unhealthy candle burns with our natural soy wax! Unlike other wax brands that add unnatural minerals to their wax, we use only plant-based additives such as soybean and vegetable oils. This makes our soy wax a more natural option compared to traditional paraffin wax that exudes harmful chemicals as they burn.  

  • MADE IN THE USA: American Soy Organics means that TKMLS uses soybeans grown in America’s Midwest. Our candle making wax beads are sustainable, renewable and ethically produced.

Does the wax stain fabric? Our waxes are all-natural, irritant-free and stain-free, making it safe for your home and loved ones. 



Do not burn the candle to the bottom where the wood is exposed to the flame without wax.  Remember to trim the wick to 1/4" and don't burn more than a few hours before trimming and relighting. This will increase your burn time and help prevent smoke and overheating. 
Place candles on a hard, flat surface or tray that will not be damaged by heat, flame, smoke and/or if the bowl breaks and the wax leaks or spills.  Do not burn candles near furniture, drapes, carpet, paper or anything that could catch fire or be damaged if the candle cracks or breaks due to heat, smokes or catches fire.
  • Do not burn candles in a draft.  It is unsafe and can also cause the candles to burn unevenly.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • TK Modhemian™ Lifestyle Brand is NOT responsible for any mishaps caused.  These warnings are not all inclusive and you should understand that you will be burning candles at your own risk.
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Salted caramel butterscotch, Winter spice, Candy cane, Gingerbread, Sugar cookie, Apple spice, Pecan waffles, Hot cocoa, Aloe & bamboo, Fresh linen, Lemongrass, Lux lavender (calming prosecco), Ocean breeze, Ukrainian sunflower, Eucalyptus, Lilac, Cafe mocha, Autumn harvest, Iced macchiato