Collection: TK International

This collection of gorgeous, exquisite quality skirts have an origin as beautiful as the patterns and colors!

What you'll find here: 

  • Cotton - 100% Cotton material that is hand ink screened, designs/colors can be chosen based on photos provided.
  • Silk - 100% Silk material that is made from soirees that are collected specifically to be repurposed from local surrounding villages so each is one-of-a-kind (not able to select colors)

TKMLS is working exclusively with a little business formed in a small village in India. We didn't want to just source some cheaply made "inspired" items but providing authenticity where available with just a bit of time and work. These brilliantly skilled women are a group of widows, soul providers, parental caretakers who are appreciative at the opportunity to both use their talents and have a outlet to share their art with the world in a way they can contribute and provide for themselves and their loved ones. I knew the moment that I was able to understand their story, I knew we were meant to be a part of it!

We spent so long to curate a relationship halfway across the world to not just bring our TK Tribe an exclusive heirloom piece of art to your wardrobe but we also take our global responsibility in sourcing very seriously by doing beyond due diligence in making sure the workplace is fair, ethical and secure. I have gotten to speak with them, I've gotten video & photo and short of flying there (yet) I'm so confident in the ethically sourced skill AND get a gorgeous wardrobe piece out of them so it's a win - win!!

The building of talented women take care and time in individually crafting each and every wrap around, tie closure skirt. We have proudly forged not just a relationship with this little village